Tuesday, June 9, 2009

मिस्सिंग यू...

Missing you…

I wait here;
queitly, silently,
watching the never ending traffic in and out of your life,
sometimes angered by the choices you make,
sometimes amused by the demeanor of the other watchers,
sometimes intrigued by those you decide to invite in,
sometimes blown away by the splendid colours emerging from within,
the sounds of joyful laughter, of soft sobbing and of quiet breathing;

I wait here;
smiling, grinning, and even crying,
remembering the journeys that we have travelled together,
knowing that once, a long time ago, i was a part of it all,
of the joy and the pain,
of the tears and the laughter,
of the past and the future,
of the hopes and the dreams,
the magic of knowing you once embracing my very being;

but today , i wait here;
and as the winds of time begin to erase our footsteps in the sand,
I continue to wait,
hoping that my dreams of you will not give in to the nightmares of my today,
wishing that my tomorrows would be as defined as they were when you were in my arms,
longing for the solitude of the valleys of your exquisite body,
dreaming of a joyful reunion far away,
missing what we had,
missing you...

© Thamsanqa N. Ncube


  1. This is very good. Have you heard of the spoken word? Well it's words spoken over a musical background. If you get someone who can express your writings, very well, in voice and then get the appropriate musical background, this would be a winner.

    Anyway, even without music it's a winner.

    Easy to read. In fact it's brilliant. One day i will borrow it from you - for the opening scene of my first movie. !!!

    Question? -What does the sign on the top mean?

  2. Thanks Saru! I am trying to get a way of getting my work out there in the format you speak about, and will definately investigate adding some musical background to this piece, as well as a couple of others.

    The symbol in the piece is the Hindi translation of "Missing You"; so gives you some ideas about the subject matter!

  3. Very nicely written! Its a life story, and it slowly morphs from happiness to an acute sadness of missing someone, missing something in your life...

    and yes, Sarudzai does bring in a relevant idea.. This could sound very hard hitting, if its recited with a background of music...