Thursday, June 18, 2009

Welcome to Joburg

Welcome to Jozi

they come for different reasons; but they all come;
some running from old skeletons in their cupboards,
seeking anonymity in this jungle of humanity;
seeking recuperation; bitter from the thorns that life has embedded deep in their flesh;
some bored, seeking excitement in her red light zones;
disorientated, seeking direction, hoping for a second chance;
disillusioned, weary and tired,
seeking asylum within the sagging breasts of the big prostitute that she is;

some are diseased; seeking magical elixirs,
concoctions to cure their ailing souls, their deranged minds and their rotting bodies;
she bares her thighs, like the wanton whore that she is,
and gives them carnal satisfaction they that seek it,
holding them close to her bared breasts, giving them warmth and protection,
and as she opens her legs, they that seek excitement dive in,
like sex-starved travellers in a foreign land;

to the disillusioned, she gives more hope,
illusions disguised and coated with the pseudo lights;
a train hurling through a tunnel, heading straight for them, to crush them to oblivion;
some go back to their homes;
botching up whatever good they have in their lives by using their new found wisdom, and when that fails, they come back;
bitter and vengeful, seeking to ravage this whore; this modern day Delilah;

she accepts them back,
offering them more mirages in the distant horizons,
shrugging off their meagre attempts at revenge,
holding them close, hugging them,
offering them the warmth of her inequities until they finally succumb once more,
sure that this time they will emerge victorious;

she swirls them around in her acid-poisoned intestines;
until she has had her fill;
until, eventually, she spits them all out,
blessed with all the diseases of the body, the soul and the mind,
spoiled, scarred, miserable excuses of humanity,
pitiful caricatures of their former selves,
the remnants of a once mighty nation,
the debri that would be the future of humanity,
the reluctant trustees of the posterity of this great country;

Welcome to eGoli, welcome to Jozi…

(Dedicated to all those coming for the FIFA World Cup 2010, you gotta know the reality!)

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