Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Friend

I have stood at this point before; where you now stand;
Beaten down by life's journey;
bereft of any solutions,
hanging by a thread to my honour, my virtue,
my very being;

I have heard the mighty winds of fate,
howling by in the valley of death below,
the rivers of disillusion,
cascading violently to the waterfalls of certain demise,
waiting to swallow me up, with no hesitation and no mercy;

I have known that there would be no way out of it,
save to fight for my life,
and so with one foot hanging over the abyss,
and one foot on the shifting sands of my circumstances,
I have held on to my sanity;

I have stood up tall, and looked fate right in the eye,
I have grabbed her by the balls, and refused to let go,
And with the roar of a castrated bull,
I have shouted in her face,
" Go to hell, see if i care!"


  1. This is great!

    I was wondering?
    Is there such a thing as fate?
    Are we not the masters of our own souls? Are we not the ones who decide whether we live or die?
    Why would you not let go of fate? Fate says that there is an already pre-determined destination for our souls. Determined by someone else. Do you not control your own destination? Even if fate is ready to swallow you up, can you not make the decision to re-course the wind?

    My question? "Go to hell, see if care?"

    See if i care about what? See if you care about what fate is going to do?
    Help me to understand!

  2. I guess your last question sort of takes it back to the questions you have about the issues of fate...A part of the protagonist's mind is sort of arguing that whatever fate has in store for him, he will not let fate have free reign, he will fight till the end to, as you put it, "re-course the wind". So whatever fate is dishing out onto his plate, he will still try to have his way; hence, "...see if care".

    I guess a huge part of the human psyche knows that we are in ultimate control of our own destiny, but still a very small part is of the opinion that this "thing" called fate, has a part to play in our lives. Having said that, though, we are still not willing to let her have her way. It is a constant struggle in our souls!

  3. very very nice ngamla.. had not read this one!! brilliant